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Sundowner Poet

Lately, the words come reluctantly…at least in poem form. They flow as fluidly as ever when I open my mouth to complain or contemplate this crazy busy beginning of spring…but writing anything sensible eludes me. Anyways, this is something I wrote a little while ago, back in August of last year, when the words and I were similarly at odds:


Sundowner Poet

I’m scared to begin it,
Afraid to go on,
But it’s dusk and I’m never
Awake when it’s dawn.

Words are like sunsets,
They don’t last for long:
Like summer or cookies
Or your favourite song.

The words are now with me,
The words are now gone.
The sun left the stage,
And the stars sauntered on.

I’m stirred up and sulking.
It’s not really wrong,
Just broken or missing,
Or doesn’t belong…

So turn my face westward,
And savour the sun,
And let it be ended
When the shining’s all done.

But I’ll be here waiting
‘Till the next sundown dawns.
Dusk may be an ending,
But it can’t stay gone long.

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